Booking Terms & Conditions

This is a small family-run business and the Studios adjoin our home; our aim is for all guests to have a relaxed and enjoyable stay.   Past experience and guest questions have formulated these Terms and Conditions which form part of your booking process.   Paying your deposit confirms your understanding of, agreement to and acceptance of all the following Terms & Conditions as part of your reservation.

  1. Studio Occupancy:

i) People

The accommodation is booked for a maximum of 2 adults per Studio only.   It cannot be shared with any other persons, sub-let, or otherwise occupied other than by the agreed person(s) in the original booking – the exclusion includes children sharing beds with parents /infants in travel cots, friends, relatives or other persons unknown to the owner.

 Doing so invalidates insurance conditions and I will therefore require to terminate your reservation immediately  if this condition is breached;   it can only be permitted in rare special circumstances with the owner  if  agreed with me  before  the booking is confirmed.

The Studios are each double-bedded for that use only;  they are not designed for sleeping on floors or on the sofa in Studio 1 and sleeping other than in the double bed provided is not permitted due to hygene, safety (fire exit) and insurance conditions.

ii) Visitors

 You may have friends in the area who might like to visit you in your Studio whilst you are here.   While your accommodation allows the occasional visitor to guests during the day, per 1.i) above they are not permitted to stay overnight, for insurance purposes.

   iii) Pets

 Regret that the Studios are unable to accommodate your pets as they are kept pet-free for guests with allergies.    Our own pets are not allowed in the Studios for that reason.

  1. Care of the Accommodation:

i) Care

The Studios are cleaned and maintained to a high standard to benefit all guests.     Guests are expected to take reasonable and proper care of the property and its furniture, fittings and effects and leave them in the same state of repair, condition and tidiness as at the commencement of their stay.

ii) Accidental breakages and /or damage

I do understand this can sometimes inadvertently occur. Please do report any accidental incidents to the owner straight away so I can rectify this, both for you and for subsequent guests, as soon as possible.   This includes furniture, crockery/utensils/cookware and any other kitchen items, bed/bed linens etc.

iii) Outdoor or large equipment

I would expect such items not to be stored within the Studio itself, to prevent damage and to give you more space.    I can securely store for you your bikes, skis, hiking and climbing gear, golf clubs, fishing equipment etc.   There is available storage space you can have easy access to – please ask.

iv) No Smoking/naked flames

 In line with other establishments, there is a strict non-smoking / non-vaping policy within the Studios themselves.     Please ask for an ashtray if you wish to smoke outside, and take care that all smoked items are carefully extinguished and disposed of.   Candles, tea-lights or other naked flames are not permitted in the Studios , as a condition of the insurance.

  1. Arrival and Departure :

Covid-19 – please note:  If you display symptoms of C-19 or feel at all unwell, Scottish government advice is not to travel but stay home.  

I reserve the right not to allow access to accommodation if symptoms are being displayed or if any Scottish or UK government directives are in force which prohibits the accommodation use.

Your Studio is only available from 2.30 pm on your arrival date, unless an alternative timing has been agreed with me beforehand.    If you arrive earlier, access may not be available if cleaning is still being undertaken

Vacating the Studio on your departure date is by 10.30 a.m. latest to allow for service cleaning for incoming guests.  Leaving any time earlier than 10.30 a.m.  is no problem.

N.B: Sections 4. and 5. below are applicable  for reservations made directly with me and not via an Agency who have their own processes

  1. Payment (direct bookings only) :

All monies required in payment of your booking must be paid directly to me by the agreed means before the arrival date / check-in.

I reserve the right to refuse entry to the accommodation until all monies are paid in full, including clearance of any monies paid by bank transfer.

  1. Cancellation of Booking (direct bookings only) 

Cancellations adversely affect a small business but I understand certain circumstances may make cancellation of your booking (i.e. breach of contract) unpreventable.

The bookings operate on a trust basis and the deposit or any other monies you have already paid are the only monies I reserve the right to retain at my discretion and in the following circumstances:

   i) if you wish to cancel your booking at any time this must be done in writing (email) to

ii) if your cancellation email is received within 30 days of your arrival date I will normally retain the monies  paid;   this is because of the unlikely event of being able to re-let the accommodation at short notice on the dates you cancelled and/or the costs of re-advertising the dates to be re-booked

   iii) if your cancellation is received prior to 30 days of your arrival date I will – at my discretion – normally refund the deposit/any monies paid;   this will only be refunded by the same method your deposit was received  (e.g. bank transfer) and on receipt of your bank transfer or other details to enable the refund to be made

Failure to arrive / non-take up of your booking will count as a cancellation as in 5 ii) above and any monies you have paid will normally be retained in line with that T&C.

It is recommended that you take out your own holiday cancellation insurance/travel insurance to cover the possibility of you having to cancel your booking.

If I cancel your booking  (direct bookings only) :

Your Rowan Brae booking will only be cancelled by me in exceptional and unforeseen circumstances.    If this occurrence arises, I will notify you as soon as practicably possible and wil, if requested,  notify other accommodation providers in the local area to assist you to find an alternative if required.

However, I will not be responsible for any losses or increased expenditure by you in securing – or failing to secure – alternative accommodation elsewhere.

As noted above, it is recommended that you take out your own holiday cancellation insurance/travel insurance to cover the possibility of your booking being cancelled.